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"Humaira is an amazing Life Coach! Full of inspiration and positivity. Need a change in your life? Need to be more focussed and uplifted? Then look no further!" - Kerry Standfast, Psychic/Medium

"I was at a cross roads when I first connected with Humaira. I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go in. Through her sessions I was able to establish what I wanted and how to approach my goals. She also helped me with coping mechanisms and wrote down goals for me for each week. If you’re also feeling stuck or unsure about what your next move should be, I would recommend reaching out to her." Char K, Consultant, Essex

“I worked with Humaira Naz at the Grant A Smile day for children. She was amazing with the children delivering the material so clearly and giving them the time to make worthwhile contributions. She brought warmth and friendliness to the event.” 

- J.C. Source Music

"My daughter has recently benefitted hugely from Humaira’s coaching.  Her confidence is continually improving and she is becoming the strong young woman I know she can be."C.M, Kent

"I attended Humaira’s Mindfulness and Positivity workshop. Humaira managed to give me guidance, encouragement and left me feeling very positive. Her openness and honesty were refreshing and I highly recommend her work for creating positive change and empowerment over your own life. Thank you Humaira. " - Grace Selfe, Yoga Teacher

"I was a little nervous initially but was put at ease. The accountability has been the main thing for me by outlining my goals and having someone check how I am doing and feeling that someone supports my goals in a neutral, non-judgemental fashion. I managed to practically achieve my goals and the accountability was invaluable. I am feeling confident having seen how fulfilling it is to set a goal and exceed it. Your approach was warm, I felt comfortable and sole attention was on me and acknowledgement of what I was saying."  - O.A. London 

"I thought it would be really difficult for me to study, raise kids and go for my work placement, however with the guidance of coaching I am managing well. Coaching helped me gain confidence and reinforced the idea that anything is possible if I put my mind to it . I feel more confident and have succeeded in what I wanted to do for now. I feel like it helped with organisation and confidence building, also realising that I can do this. The coaching sessions helped by having someone there to talk to. I used to look forward to the meetings where I could discuss anything I thought I was struggling with. On a day-to-day basis when everyone is busy with their hectic lifestyles; it was nice to discuss things about myself  and how I wanted to pursue better goals. Coaching has helped me in the long term with my plans. A little push in the right directions with a 'can do' attitude was needed for me and that was definitely achieved. I am now doing what I initially wanted to. It helped me realise what was not working and what was. Hearing myself say things out loud made it make more sense."  - Anonymous, London

"You were calm, present and compassionate. You strongly held space while exploring  emotional content. I felt I was able to be open and vulnerable. I was enabled to get a new perspective and understanding without being advised. The sessions generated a lot of thinking, sharing and sense-making for me." - L.P. London


"I have found your coaching style invaluable in that not once did I ever feel threatened or afraid. Suffering from anxiety, I felt very much at ease talking to yourself, and your approach was very professional and non-judgemental. You were able to build rapport to a high a level as well as empathise. Your listening and comprehension skills as well as your understanding of the topics in question was very important and helpful to me. The way you made me challenge my own thinking and thoughts on a number of occasions was quite remarkable. I  have been surprised by the new ways in which I think about certain things now. The way in which you had challenged my thinking made me better understand myself, my judgement and the fact that I may not always be right as I previously used to think. Coaching has really opened me up to new possibilities and expectations which I previously thought were not possible." - W.M.  Musician, London  

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