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I am a London based Professional Life Coach, having  trained and qualified in Transformational Coaching with the Animas Centre for Coaching. Animas is a leading Life Coaching School in London, accredited by the globally recognised International Coach Federation (ICF).


Additionally, I have over 10 years experience in Primary Teaching as well as Education Management experience during my role as Inclusion Leader/ Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), School Governor and Safeguarding Officer. In recent years, I have been involved in voluntary and freelance work teaching adults with learning difficulties to help them gain art, crafts and work skills, alongside maths and English tuition for young students. Therefore, I have extensive expertise working with a wide range of professionals, adults, teenagers and children. 


Born and raised in London, I have an understanding of different cultural traditions, diversity and the nature of modern, cosmopolitan societies. I understand how cultures may shape individuals and their experiences on their coaching journeys to achieve their chosen goals.


In addition to being an accredited Transformational Coach, my other qualifications include; BA Combined Honours Degree in Psychology and Sociology, two Postgraduate Certificates in Education(PGCE) including Primary Education, as well as Special and Inclusive Education, both accredited by the renowned Institute of Education UCL, London.


Why coaching?

Reaching a point in my life, repetitively thinking in my head and feeling I wanted ‘something more’, led me to pursue a career in coaching. Personal coaching also supported me to actually take action and stop living in my head, just thinking, just feeling, regretting. My personal coaching journey has been transformational. Coaching has made me reflect upon myself,  face my fears, overcome personal hurdles and exceed my own expectations and goals, inspiring me to do the same for others . 


Through coaching I have empowered individuals to make transformations  in their thinking, being, actions and desires to impact profoundly upon their lives. I have had the pleasure of coaching a variety of individuals. Each person I have coached has focussed on various areas of their self development and goals. Just like what personal coaching has given me, I am passionate about empowering people to excel at their goals.


What is coaching with me like?

Coaching with me is a collaborative, non-advisory process, embedded in empathy and consideration of your needs, whereby I work with you to find out what you want to achieve. Actively listening to you in a non-judgemental way, setting goals, using various techniques, questions and theoretical models, I will support you to take the steps to achieve your chosen goals. I will maintain focus, challenge and pertinent questioning to ensure you achieve progress in every session you work with me. 


I provide individual or group coaching sessions (please click my services for more information).

Additional information about me:

  • Championing others and empowering them to fulfil their full potential has always been a passion of mine.

  • I have mentored students as part of the University of Westminster, Career and Employability Services.

  • At various events, I have planned & organised talks/public speaking & workshops. ​

  • In over a decade of teaching, I have had the joy of giving the gift of reading, writing, maths skills and unleashed the confidence, creativity and full potential of all my students.

  • Working as an Inclusion Leader/ Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) I have supported many families and their children who have special educational needs and disabilities.


  • ​​I love producing various types of art and crafts work, even having had my work displayed at exhibitions and events like Country Living Fair, London (2016).​​


  • Challenging (gently or strongly) others is necessary to facilitate change. 

  • Maintaining balance in life between work, family and friends is so important to me.

  • The resilience and strength of my beloved 99 year old grandad always AMAZED and inspired me.                               


  • Health and fitness is vital to me, but I still know how to enjoy myself.​​           


  • I try to see all my experiences, both good and bad as learning points.  


  • Working as part of a team energises me.


  • Working by myself opens up my creativity.

  • When I want to relax, it is a conscious priority.


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