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Feeling ALIVE!

Hello and welcome!

I am a Life Coach.

However, that was not always the case. Feeling uncertain, yet highly intuitive, with courage through life changing events and decisions brought me here.

Like many of us, I always have taken pride in working hard. At times it felt like for me, WORK, WORK, EAT (if I could squeeze it in), SLEEP (sometimes sleepless), REPEAT.

Running around from one task to another, one commitment to another. A routine, almost robotic with repetitive actions and tasks. Doing all those things I felt ‘I should’ be doing.

Feeling emotionless and numb, all I wanted was to feel ALIVE again.

I knew that perhaps this may not happen instantly, but I was willing to fight for it, step by step, each and every day.

As I made the decision in my mind to start pulling away from this monotonous way of life, I started by focussing on my physical and mental health. For me this meant making time for ‘me’ by exercising regularly. So I joined the gym and started Zumba. More than just joining the gym or a dance class, this was a step for me to start considering what my mind and body needs. A way for me to start releasing some of my stresses and at times just dancing it away for the moment. I was rebuilding my physical and mental strength and was also fortunate meet some lovely friends along the way.

My vision for what I wanted also became greater, yet simpler.

The thought of travelling and being by the sea, listening to the waves and feeling a breeze actually made me smile again. It made me remember how it feels to just step away from the chaos around me to a new surrounding. A far away beach or a local beach, did not matter. For me this was a way of finding calm, freedom and change.

To get the fulfilment I wanted, meant for me challenging what I had always known and believed, to push me towards an even greater purpose.

Year by year, I tried something new and learned to trust what my mind and body also needed. As always, having the passion to be of service to others but also to myself.

Your challenges, your life stories and your dreams remind me of what it feels to be lost yet to have hope and wonder that things will work out.

Yes, I am a Life Coach now.

But not just that.

I love art, drawing and expressing my creativity.

I enjoy long walks in the breeze.

Taking time to just breathe slowly nourishes me.

Getting lost in the wonderful streets of London never fails to excite me!

Trying cuisines from around the world puts me in awe of the variety and abundance of foods we are blessed to have.

Knowing and honouring my boundaries supports me to feel much more fulfilled.

What makes you feel alive?

You matter.

Let’s talk.

Humaira Naz

Professional Life Coach

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